Sunday School/Bible Study

Sunday Morning Worship

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Thursday "Sweet Hour of Prayer" 7:00pm

1st & 3rd Thursday each month

Choir Practice- Every Wednesday at 7:45pm. After Labor Day until Memorial Day
Praise Team Practice- Every Wednesday at 6:45pm
Always looking for more singers!

Potsdam Church of the Brethren

At one time the Potsdam Church of the Brethren was known as the Georgetown German Baptist Brethren Church, according to our local historians. That was before my time! The German Baptist Brethren had a major split in the 1880s into two groups: the Old German Baptist Brethren and the Brethren Church. The name "Church of the Brethren" was adopted in 1908. The church of the Brethren is the single largest body of members descending from Alexander Mack's church in Schwarzenau, Germany. So, unless you were here prior to 1908, you have probably always known it as the Church of the Brethren!

Sunday mornings begin with Sunday School for ALL ages at 9:15 am. If you get here a little early, stop by the basement for some coffee and donuts... At 10:25 the Morning Worship Service begins. We do have a Sunday Evening Service once per month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. On other Sunday evenings you will often find a special music program or other service, so watch the MAIN page under EVENTS for the schedule!

On Wednesday evenings we have a community dinner beginning at 5:45 pm. We do not charge for that- there is a donation box if you can afford it; if you can't, don't worry about it, it is a mission of the church! That is followed by Praise Team practice at 7:00 pm and Choir Practice at 9:00. If you can sing, come up and join us! We are also ALWAYS looking for those with other musical talents- playing instruments, directing, etc. In fact, if you have talents, musical or not, let us know and we will find a place for you to use those gifts for the Lord!

Hope to see you at church this week!

Village of POTSDAM

The Village of Potsdam was laid-out circa 1840. Originally named Georgetown, then New Lebanon, it has been known as Potsdam for many years now.

FYI, Potsdam is located at 39°57′48″N 84°25′0″W? / ?39.96333°N 84.416667°W. , just so you know!

Potsdam Church of the Brethren is a part of the Southern Ohio District, which is located at 1001 Mill Ridge Circle, Union Ohio 45322, just a few miles from the Potsdam Church. In fact, we aren't too far from anywhere in Southwest Ohio, in case you want to visit! Cross Street is Milton Potsdam Road east of town and Grubbs Rex Road to the West. Main Street, which is really the only other major street in town, is State Route 721 outside of the village.

A very small village, at the last census, Potsdam had around 230 residents, just under 100 houses, and four churches! We are now down to only three churches, but that isn't too bad- one for every 76.6 persons!


LOOKING FOR AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER?  The ISP for the church is "TOAST.NET".  If you sign-up for service with them, the church gets credit for that.  For more information go to - and tell others to mention 'Potsdam' when signing up for service and we will receive credit for those referrals as well!


Upcoming Events




Additional music worship services coming!  Watch for dates!


Interim Pastor Fred Bernhard Associate Pastor Shayne Petty
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